Meat Grinder Parts

The electric meat mincers do provide great benefits to its users. With this tool, you can process meatballs, sausage, even hamburger own at home and also many advantages obtained if have own meat grinder machine. Previously you had to know the inside or inside components of the machine. Here are the inside parts of the electric meat mincers:

– The Hopper serves as an initial storage device or a meatball cube for input into the mill

– Pusher is used to force the meat into the tube and ensure the meat is loaded according to the milled capacity. Usually, there is a tray that is located on the feed tube (tube) where additional meat can be stored in it before it is pushed into the grinder.

– Screws are the main working parts of the grinder. This keeps pushing the meat down the axle and leading to the blade grinder

– Knife and main component plate in the grinder. The knife is a small cross or cutter with a very sharp edge on a meat grinder that rotates in opposite directions with a plate. The plate is a flat piece of metal with a hole in the inside. Some screws will force the meat into the hole so that the cutting knife becomes a good mince. The size of the hole in the centre of the plate affects the finish of the finishing grinding

– Cover is used to keep the knife and plate in the same place inside the grinder

Although the basic parts are not all the same between the brands of one with the other you do not need to worry because basically all the components of the inside Meat Grinder almost the same. By visiting our website, you can find various types of meat mincer that you can customise to your needs.