What to Know about Milkshake

These days, milkshake like the Sonic Milkshakes has become one of the popular types of drinks. Milkshake is a cold drink of milk mixture, ice cream, and flavored syrup whipped until frothy. In addition to getting mixed in a blender, shake milk can be made by using a shaker beaker. In the United Kingdom, whipped milk is made only from milk mixed with fruit or chocolate.

Milkshake is usually made from milk, ice cream, fresh fruit or chocolate. But for Americans living in neighboring Rhode Island or neighboring Massachusetts, whipped milk is made without ice cream, only milk is shaken with flavored syrup. A milkshake that uses ice cream is called cabinet because it was once made with a shaker machine shaped a small box or cabinet. In the state of New England, shakes made with ice cream are called velvet or frappe. The term frappe has been used since the 19th century for a kind of iced drink. In French, frappé means to use ice or cooled, derived from a frapper verb which means to freeze or to cool.